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Full startup development solution

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We provided a full startup development solution for RemadeMarket; the world's first e-marketplace dedicated to remanufacturing. We were heavily involved in all areas of the project from research through development to deployment.

Full startup development solution for RemadeMarket


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Remade Market is the world's first B2B/B2C model for the remanufacturing industry and is committed to becoming an authoritative remanufacturing trading platform globally.

Our role in building Remade Market included a rigorous research and proof of concept stage that meant putting together documentation that could be used to secure funding; Planning, managing and executing the development of the entire system as well as integrating with a blockchain (Hyperledger Fabric) platform.

The marketplace consists of 4 main elements, the API/backend built using Laravel along with AWS services such as Cognito, Aurora, Elasticache, ElasticSearch; the storefront using React and NextJS; the manufacturer admin panel using React (CRA) and finally the internal admin panel that is built using React (CRA) paired with React Admin. All are deployed via serverless platforms to AWS and managed through CDK.

Full startup development solution for RemadeMarket
E-Commerce application development
E-Commerce application development
JS graph and dashboard development
E-Commerce application development
React Admin development