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Explore exciting job opportunities at DJINN DIGITAL and join our team of passionate and talented individuals. We are currently hiring for a variety of remote roles and freelance positions.

We're a small team, comprising of designers, developers, and strategists. Our day to day with startups and digital agencies to deliver seamless digital solutions, as well as building some of our own apps and software.

Current Openings

Junior Full-Stack Engineer

Full time / Belfast (or Remote) / £25, 000 per year

QA Test Engineer

Freelance / Remote / £30 - £50 /hr

Junior Project Manager

Full time / Belfast or Remote / £30,000 per year

Freelancers & Contractors

Our team largely consists of freelancers and contractors from around the world. If you would like to join our list of trusted partners; drop us an email with some of your skills and past projects

Why work for us

Our model

DJINN DIGITAL plans to revolutionize how tech companies work in every way; rather than focusing on profits and exploitation of employees we focus on innovation, transparency and excellence. All employees are well paid based on transparent payment models that award performance and experience allowing rapid growth within the business and your area.

There are caps in place for high level executives and directors to ensure everyone can enjoy the fruit not just the bosses. All other profits are feed back into work on new innovative projects and technology.

4 Day work week

Like a lot of other early adopters of the 4 day work week we are doing it as well, based on individual performance and goals you will be allowed to take an extra day off a week. The only downside is that each week you have yo wrestle with the rest of your team for which days you want off.

Your time is your time

Unlike other companies we encourage you to take on freelance projects or build your own apps and services; your free to do what ever you want in your own time as long as its legal and doesn’t interfere with your day to day.


At the end of the day our main focus is building a business that has the freedom to experiment and build new tech that the world has never seen; we have have a lot of ideas and goals for building games, AI, blockchain & crypto even robotics the sky is the limit. We also encourage and support developers to contribute and release open-source products and tools

Growth & Funding

Our aim is to be self funded and sustainable to the point where we only build and fund new projects based of finances attained from client projects and profitable owned projects through our child company DJINN APPS.

No Discrimination

At our core we have a 100% non discrimination policy, meaning we will work with clients of any background and employ people regardless off their gender, ethnicity, location or any other background.